Tooth Bonding


A Quick and Affordable Way To Obtain the Smile of Your Dreams

Whether or not you realize it, your smile has a significant impact on the way you feel about yourself and the way in which you move through the world. If you shy away from social situations, find yourself suppressing the urge to smile, and avoiding certain foods and beverages – the reason may have to do with your teeth. At James Arhart D.D.S., our Shakopee family dentist wants you to look and feel your best at all times, and to be able to move through the world with confidence. Dr. Arhart and our team make that happen through state of the art cosmetic dentistry procedures like tooth bonding.

What is Tooth Bonding?

Before and After Tooth Bonding.Tooth bonding—otherwise known as composite bonding, is a simple dental procedure that involves using tooth-colored materials to reshape and repair damaged teeth. The material itself is made from dental resins and glass and can be layered on until the desired effect is achieved. Composites can be used to cover imperfections, help fix chips and cracks, solve minor spacing issues and improve the overall appearance of one's smile. The great thing about composites is that they bond to the tooth's surface, essentially becoming one with your teeth.

Fixed Cracked or Chipped Teeth In No Time

Tooth Bonding - Step by Step.If you want a quick, affordable and effective way to fix your smile, talk to our Shakopee family dentist about composite bonding. Composite bonding does not require any lab work and allows us to preserve the health of your tooth without the use of a drill or need for tooth extractions. Composites can be laid in a single appointment, which means you save time and money on achieving the smile of your dreams.

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