Hidden Consequences of Losing Teeth


 Consequences of Tooth Loss.
You, along with many others, may think of tooth loss as merely a cosmetic problem. However, when it comes to tooth loss, there is much more than your appearance to think about. Tooth loss has long-term consequences for your health and your overall appearance. If you have lost teeth, consult an experienced cosmetic dentist in Shakopee such as Dr. James Arhart.

Immediate Effects of Losing Teeth

Whether you have had tooth extractions or lost teeth in other ways such as a traumatic injury, you may notice some changes right away.

  • Your smile will not look the same
  • You might feel self-conscious when showing affection to your significant other
  • Speaking and eating may be more difficult than before

Because of these changes, your self-confidence may begin to drop, making you feel uncomfortable around others. While these consequences of tooth loss are troubling, many other health concerns will gradually make themselves known.

Hidden Consequences of Missing Teeth

A major health-related problem that occurs when teeth are lost is the deterioration of the jawbone. Bones need constant stimulation to replenish themselves and stay healthy, and your teeth stimulate your jawbone. If you have missing teeth, the jawbone loses some of that stimulation, and it soon begins to deteriorate. In the first year, a tooth is lost, bone width decreases by 25 percent. This loss continues if nothing is done, eventually causing changes in the facial shape. The distance shrinks between the nose and chin, and the bottom third of the face crumples as the jawbone disintegrates. There also are additional health-related risks associated with missing teeth.

  • Remaining teeth may shift into open spaces, leading to trouble biting
  • Pain in the jaw joint (often called TMJ)
  • Overall health may suffer if eating healthy foods such as raw vegetables becomes too painful

The good news is there is a modern option for tooth replacement that looks and feels like your teeth.

Dental Implants Are a Modern Solution to Tooth Loss

Dental Implants 101.

Dental implants are not the only way to save face after tooth loss, but in the long run, they can deliver the best results. Implants prevent bone loss because they are implanted and allowed to fuse into the jawbone, giving it normal stimulation. During a simple surgical procedure using local anesthesia, oral specialists insert implants. After healing, implants are capped with realistic crowns. Implants look and work like natural teeth.

The other options for tooth replacement—crowns and dentures—can cause damage to healthy teeth, which increases the risk of infections and decay. Furthermore, dentures do not stimulate the jawbone, so bone loss occurs. Dental implants in Shakopee are a great long-term solution to replace missing teeth.

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