Early Dental Care


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Our Shakopee dentist Dr. Arhart and our whole team at our dental office believe that it is never too soon to introduce proper oral hygiene to your son or daughter. In fact, the earlier you begin teaching your child about good oral health, the more likely they will be to practice it in the future.

Even when your child does not have teeth, you should still take care of their gums. Once they do begin to get their primary teeth, you should start caring for them. These teeth are only temporary, but give their permanent teeth a path to follow when they erupt. Furthermore, your son or daughter will have primary teeth for most of their childhood. These teeth will be what they use to help them learn to speak and eat with. Without proper oral hygiene and care of your child’s primary teeth, there can be other complications when permanent teeth come in too. For these reasons, you want to make sure your child’s primary teeth are as healthy as possible and fall out naturally.

Your Child’s First Teeth

Beginning at around six to nine months, you should expect your baby to start to get their primary teeth, although sometimes it can take up to twenty months. In most cases, the first two lower front teeth erupt first, soon followed by their top front teeth, molars and then the remaining teeth, 20 in total. Tooth eruption can be a tough time in your child’s life. There can be discomfort from new teeth coming in as the gums have to make room. Contact Dr. Arhart in Shakopee for more information about how to help your child get through teething.

To help your child’s new teeth and gums stay healthy during this process, you should clean them after each feeding. To clean your baby’s teeth, simply get a wet washcloth and gently wipe them clean. Another option instead of a washcloth is gauze or any other soft fabric that you do not mind getting wet, just be sure that it is clean before you use it. Beginning at age two, you can start brushing your child’s teeth. Start with a small, soft-bristled toothbrush with the smallest amount of fluoridated toothpaste. Your child will not be able to brush their teeth for some time, so be sure to clean them once a day. Around age six your child should be able to brush on their own, although supervision is still recommended.

Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

A child’s first visit to our dental office in Shakopee is always an extraordinary thing for us. We love meeting new patients, no matter what their age! As for your child, the dental office can be an intimidating place. Dr. Arhart and The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that you bring your child in to see us by his or her first birthday. During your first visit and all visits after it is imperative to make your child feel safe. One thing that can help may include bringing their favorite toy, or a blanket they carry with them everywhere. We also encourage you to come back with your child and let them sit on your lap during their first visit.

During your baby's first visit, we will do an initial inspection of your son or daughter's teeth, just to make sure everything is coming in correctly and there are no signs of decay. More importantly, we want to ensure that you and your child feel welcomed and are happy to be at the dentist. We will also give you any tips you may need as well as answer any questions you may have about your child's teeth and oral health.

Visit Your Local Shakopee Dentist

Visiting the dentist for the first time should be an exciting milestone for you and your child. If your son or daughter is coming up on their first birthday and you have not made an appointment at our dental office in Shakopee yet, you can contact us at any time during our business hours. Also, if you ever have questions about your child’s dental health, we are always here to help. Our caring team wants you and your child to have the happiest, healthiest smiles possible so contact our office today!